Ontario prices!!!

What are you guys working for up there?

Got a call yesterday PM from an Ontario realtor about doing an inspection on the 3,000 sq ft clubhouse (with small commercial kitchen) + separate upstairs apartment at a small, 9 hole golf course he was purchasing about 25-30 miles outside of Halifax.

He was surprised when I quoted $500-$550 +15% HST. Said he could get it done for much cheaper in Ontario. I said I know about the HI pricing wars in Ontario due to the diploma mills turning out too many HI’s overnight…he agreed. He then mentioned that the place had a wood heating system in the basement (requires WETT inspection)…I then said “another $50” to which he said he’d have to call around for other prices…he might get back to me later. He was a real chiseller/price shopper and during the conversation, I felt I really didn’t really want to work for him!

I was in my car when I got the call and , of course, could not view a real estate cut to get a more accurate idea of what the place actually was like. I wondered if I had underpriced it, but then reminded myself, I really didn’t want it!!

This afternoon I got a call from a 3-4 month newbie HI asking if I did radon testing. We talked for a while during which we got on to WETT inspections and he mentioned he needed one in the same village as the golf course. I then asked him if he was doing an inspection for an Ontario realtor…yes!!! He had lowballed it down to something the Ontaro realtor would be happy with!!!

Sad but true! Another destined to fail!

Not sure which part of Ontario he was quoting from, I would have had no problem getting $600 here and likely $700 if closer to Ottawa. WETT here goes for $125 to $175
Maybe it’s our much cheper HST? only 13%:roll:
It’s nice to get them, but I think you’re instinct is right, maybe better left alone.

Are you sure he was selling a Ontario House for 500.00 lolol Just kidding

That’s my price range if I’m just going for the WETT inspection but with a home inspection I’m usually $50-$75 (with no special insurance forms filled out)

BTW…this PM…got the job at my price!