Ontario’s Energy Policy will affect every person in Ontario

A must read before the next Provincial election. The Liberals must be turfed out of office!

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You got that right!

Just wait until they have to service the turbines, or replace them. Several already just get abandoned, because it is not cost-efficient to replace or repair them. They are a huge eyesore.

Remember, if you save energy, your cost of that energy will still go up. Utilities need to continue to make a profit for their investors. Consumers will never save money, by saving energy. Another scam by government.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see if the NDP props up this useless govt through their next budget. (which makes them as bad or worse in my eyes)

In some ways I wish it was the old days where you could light some torches, get your buddies and have a good old fashioned mob to turf them out. ah well such is progress…

Police allege criminal breach of trust against McGuinty chief of staff over gas plants scandal

This could get real good!