Ontario Window Framing Question

Hi, I am in the process of building my single story detached garage and am just wondering if the manner of framing a window opening in the photo is legal in Ontario Canada.

Many Thanks.

… I should also add that I’m using 2x6 framing, the headers are 3 2x10 with 1/2 plywood in between. I’m mostly concerned with the sill running through the split trimmer studs. Window size is 2’ H x 4’ W.


Since you have a second stud running from top to bottom on either exterior side the split trimmer stud should not pose a problem. The trimmer stud carries the load of the header and that load looks to be continuous with the sill in place.

That’s a relief Gene, I thought I’d messed up and was going to have to take a few steps back.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Not an issue, common with AFT ( Advanced Framing Techniques ) The old school boys do not use this often but the techniques are actually from the early 80"s I have used this technique and many of the others to save material in the past.