Someone dropped their Syringe behind the washer—:shock:

Rat-hole Laundromat --:shock:




Nice…doing heroin while washing their clothes.

How convenient.

Really nice looking place Dale…:shock:


They were trying to come clean! :mrgreen:

Makes my skin crawl when I run across these…“almost” rather encounter the open wiring

but I’m sure they were used for medical reasons…right :roll:

Hey Dale, did you tell them bonding to PVC doesn’t work so well??? :wink:

Damn Barry…that picture tops anything I have—:shock:

Now that is a Rat-Hole—:shock:–:twisted:

This one tops them all for an on-site marketing campaign :shock:




Great webpage!

Willing to share your Tool?

PM me

Yes, the same please. It sounds interresting.

I don’t run into many drug houses (that I know of) but it sounds interresting nonetheless.


I’m familiar with a couple versions of this, and use them to confirm suspicions I may have, but I only rely on the lab test for clients.
The others are accurate, it’s just that I don’t want to be the one quantifying the deal - I’d rather the LAB take full responsibility, than having it on my shoulders if it’s a RE deal.


Works quite well. A lot of government agencies are using it as well.

I had an inspection where the sellers had just got done smoking pot when I got there. Second hand high. I went to Micky D’s and ordered 3 big mac after the inspection.


I just would’t go in to a house like that.

I don’t understand the second picture though! They’re just ponting a wire with something like a tipex! Is that to bad? Is not like i’ve done it before, but I will like to know if it’s a crime in some US State hehe.

The first one, well, you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen trying to sell houses in Venezuela - Latin America… man, you’ll be traumatized If i post those pics.


The second pic is showing a proximity voltage detector lit up indicating voltage is present on the exposed wires.

That is a definite problem.