New Home. Hard to believe everybody tripped over the Rebar until the carpet installer got there.


ya but they’ll just put a couch there anyway…right?

Missplaced grounding rod ?:mrgreen:


You mean those aren’t supposed to be like that? I think that, as long as they are at the edge, then they are okay since that’s what we use to tie the carpet down. Now it does look like the carpet tie wires are missing but those can be easily installed. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified flooring professional. :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: :wink:

I thought that was a new requirement in the earthquake zones to keep thing from moving around when the house slides down the hill

That was my $1,179.00 Tech Inspection…easy money haa…:smiley:

And by the way, I love your pricing with that ending 9.

They probably would have complained if it had been $1,170 or $1,180.

RR, Also notice that the entire price can be devided by 9, and that 1+1+7=9 & 9+9=18 & 18 can be devided by 9.

The magic of 9’s.

I have been noticing that things that are priced with a # that can be divided by 9 don’t look over priced by people. People feel more comfortible without knowing it paying for things that have a price that is dividable by 9.

Ther is your Power of 9’s.