Dick Chance is by far the most knowledgeable inspector I have ever met. He has been preforming inspection for 20 plus years and has forgotten more than most inspectors will ever know, including you. How, as an inspector, can you even begin to claim he was errant??? The inspection was conducted May of 2007 and a foundation problem was found spring of 2008! The lawsuit was total BS. They filed a complaint with the State Board office which was dropped. The lawsuit was dropped. In his inspection report he mentioned drainage issues with water holding against the foundation. The engineer who acted as expert witness also agreed the water holding against the foundation was the cause of the problem.

I am sure the only reason you even went through the effort to find this is because I posted on another thread that a good thing that licensing in Louisiana has done is given us a one year prescriptive period. Is this just another effort for you to try to prove that licensing does nothing good? One good thing to come from this suit is the wording in the one year prescriptive period is being changed to better clarify that the intent of the law was one year after the inspection. Good thing we have E&O required in Louisiana. A costly lawsuit like this would destroy someones life without it. Don’t think he would have not been sued if the State did not require E&O? Think again…