Open ground

Can anyone help working on my house tester says open ground there are only 3 wires black white and cooper tester says open ground how can I fix it

You could have a grounding conductor disconnected or other wise improperly installed somewhere in the line. On normal 120v residential circuits you will only have 3 wires. Red/black is your hot conductor. White is your neutral or grounded conductor, and your bare or sometimes green is your grounding conductor. I would advise if you don’t know the way your house is wired then you should be contacting a qualified electrician to work on it.

It’s a three wire I plugged in tester and it reads open ground I took a look at the wires and it looks ok any advice

i can help you with your problem there is an open ground somewhere between the device and your main service panel you might have to open up all the boxes in between those two spots to find the open splice your cooper tester may or may not be to your advantage with this situation in fact I don’t even know what a cooper tester is it’s just a little bit of labor and you should be able to find where the equipment grounding conductor had an open splice or just not connected at all


Start with the grounding, or lack of, connection at the service panel.

Most likely it is disconnected in a box somewhere. :roll: