Open hot on receptacle

Hello all.

I’m about to do the essay portion of the electrical inspection training, and I came across a possible wiring fault in my own home, but one that could potentially arise at a future inspection as well.

I’ve got two 20 amp breakers poled together, supplying power to a standard “twin” receptacle outlet under my kitchen sink (never mind that it’s not GFCI protected) which my dishwasher and garbage disposal are plugged into. The receptacle that the dishwasher is plugged into tests “normal”, or “correct”. The receptacle that the disposal is plugged into tests “open hot”. And yet the disposal works. How is this possible? And do I need an electrician?



This is likely due to the disposal being switched (operated by a switch). Have you tried turning the switch on and testing?


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Thanks Patrick. With the switch on the receptacle tested correct. I appreciate the response.