Open house video

I was doing my open house marketing today in Fallbrook, CA, and one of the Realtors made a video of our meeting and posted it to Facebook. Check it outhere

Wow Frank, next time tell them to let you rehearse before hand. lol Still makes for

good exposure and a laugh.

Wow, cool.

I’ve never had an agent ask to make a video during an open house before!

Yeah, I had a brain fart when he asked my phone number. I think it actually makes it more engaging, relatable,… human. Anybody can do polished. :slight_smile:

It says you broke Facebook. You better apologize.


Uh oh. I know it added a few likes to my page. Sorry if I broke it. :slight_smile:

I get the same error too.


:shock::shock: OMG that was tooo funny.

LOL that is too funny!!

Deer in the headlights.

Exactly what that was…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Nice! Cool how the Realtor came in and helped you out, think he’s done this before. I like the video and his approach…well done!

Be cool to talk different folks into something like this and posting on your social media. It’s like this guy endorsed you and that has value to anyone that knows and trusts him.

It led to me joining 3 local FB groups, increasing my exposure, and generated some page likes.