Open Invitation to Tag Along

[FONT=Verdana]Some NACHI members expressed an interest in joining me on Home and IR Inspections.

I have scheduled 2 inspections for tomorrow and Billy DeVries and I will be doing 7 low rise apartment buildings (total 77 units) on Mon. Tue. and maybe Wed. you can certainly tag along with me for a few days. For the members that have expressed an interest in tagging along with me, call or e-mail me.
I normally don’t do inspections on Sundays but I’m booked solid all next week and I couldn’t fit them in my schedule.

First inspection is at 10 am house is 2000sq ft 10 years (boring)
Second inspection is at 2pm 70 years, (should be interesting).

IR Imaging will be done on both houses. Both properties are in Toronto.

BTW There is no charge for tagging along!

thanks for the offer, i think you might have done them already, always interesting to see how another inspector with much more experience does things.

I did an IR inspection on Wed. afternoon with a fellow NACHI member.
BTW It was a very interesting inspection; we both used our IR cameras and found some very interesting results.

And I have the following inspections scheduled:

  • Home inspection Fri. 9:00am
  • Home Inspection Sat 9:00am
  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Inspection
  • IR Inspection on
  • IR Inspection on
  • Booked solid for the next 2 weeks

You are welcome to tag along.

Too bad I do not live closer!

Over the last 37 years I have conducted over 10,000 inspections and I am ALWAYS willing to learn something “New & Different”!

It would be a blast!:stuck_out_tongue:


It would be a pleasure and an honour to have you inspect with me! Come on up here bro!!