Open or Expired Permits??

Need some input here.

Prior to an inspection, while doing some homework, I found that the property had an electrical permit that failed final inspection twice, and later expired. During the inspection I observed an old Stab-Lok panel with some defects - it had been rewired with new romex. Based on this I assume the job was never accepted by the local building dep’t.

I feel obligated to disclose the permit issue to my client, but I also wonder if i shouldn’t be a permit detective like this. Am I digging to deep?? How do you seasoned veterans handle open, failed, or never pulled permit issues. Thanks in advance for any advice. My 2nd post on this board - much more to come. Based in SW Florida.:smiley:

I would refrain from assuming but a recommendation could be in order:

Hello Paul,

You are right we are not permit detectives but at the same time you are working in your client’s best interest. I think your client will be very appreciative at least I would be. I would probably disclose it verbally and as a courtesy service and let the customer investigate it further. My two cents other will chime in…

Thanks for your input guys, especially that link, great information.

Hello Paul,

Two things you are obligated to do.

First, make sure in your report that you have some notation that the inspection is NOT a permit or code inspection nor are you responsible for permit related matters, etc…

Second, you must inform your client that a permit was opened and failed inspection, and later expired. Don’t freak the client out, just add that info to your recommendation that there are “electrical issues that should be addressed by a licensed electrician”. Let the licensed electrician, bldg dept, and the client figure out the rest.