Open poll in IR website name.

With what knowledge you have regarding SEO and website design, which website would be more conducive to business long term in your opinion?




I can see benefits to both and have already reserved one but would love input. It would be easier to change course now than later.

Thanks for your vote and/or opinion.


I will sell you

for $500.

Just kidding but seriously buy both. Domains are cheap.

Ha, I know you were joking. But I did just go reserve the other. Just in case. :slight_smile:

My wife and I originally liked the shorter one. But as I think on it more I realize the longer one with the word inspection in it may be more relevant to SEO…

I have found that clients don’t use the word inspection when googling for IR thus the words Thermal and Infrared are the most important.

I base my opinion on the fact that 99% of my commercial IR works comes from my web site. On my commercial site I don’t use the word (home) at all

I don’t know that it will matter much either way, but you definitely want to control both domain names. I use … for my website and the shorter version for my email communications (though I can send and receive emails on either domain name). Of course when I set my site up incorporation of keywords into the domain name was more important than it appears to be today.

Thank you gentlemen. I am grateful you are willing to share your wisdom and experience.

I don’t see any benefit of using your company name. Mine is

For advertising I use which gets forwarded to the real URL.

I think you have a great point Frank. You’ve given me good food for thought. It’s time for me to consult a professional web designer.

Kyle you appear to have been bitten by the IR bug serious as I was.

I have a IR system that I use strictly for home inspections that has proven profitable for me in a rural location. If you would like give me a call and I can explain what I do. Sunday would be a good day as I am extremely busy today and Saturday


Bravo on paying attention to SEO for your domain name! Aside from having a quality website, getting noticed in search engines such as Google is perhaps the second most important issue for your website.

At present, four of the most important factors for getting a web site highly placed in the organic section on a Google search results page for a given keyword(s) are:

  • URL (domain name) matching
  • Page Title matching
  • H1 Tag (heading) matching
  • The number of times the searched upon keyword(s) appear throughout the text of the subject page

Prior to settling on your domain name, I would encourage you to consult with a web professional. A serious web professional will have access to software that enables them to research sites similar to the one you intend to construct in order to ascertain the keyword(s) that prospects are using to find those sites. As Charley pointed out, visitors are likely to use words or phrases that differ from those you might favor.

If you are looking to offer your services nationally, you will want to avoid keywords and phrases that limit you to a specific city or geographical region. By paying attention to SEO both now and in the future, it is possible to enjoy page 1 placement of your website on search engine results pages on a national basis.

Keep in mind that the above are but four of the many factors that Google considers when ranking a website. Other important factors include:

  • The number of inbound links and the relevance of the referring website
  • Whether a website has video content
  • How frequently site content changes

Both and IRINFO.ORG are highly trafficked websites that are considered authoritative by Google and have several features that can help to improve the relevance of a website by satisfying the aforementioned items. These include RSS News feeds, the 5 Star website award, and our Affiliate Partners programs. There is no charge to participate in any of our programs and you may opt out at any time.

For more information, feel free to give us a call or visit us online. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you Charley and Jim,

Jim, thank you for the great informative post. I am sure many people will benifit from that information. After completing my level 1 training with you this week I am convinced that Infraspections training is second to none.

Charley, I have been badly bitten by the IR bug. I sent you a personal message. I look forward to speaking with you sir.

Kyle ya have mail

Agree, no one knows your company name yet, or they wouldn’t likely be searching.

They are looking for thermal imaging in a specific location 100% of the time.

Great point David. Thanks for the email Charley.