Open Well In Basement

Home constructed in 1943. Currently connected to municipal water supply. Open well with crystal clear water located in the basement! Could not accurately measure, but approximately 6’ in diameter and 12 plus feet deep. I operated the pump, water discharges to the utility sink and exterior hose bib. Plywood box with hinged top can be locked. Looking for reporting suggestions.

Since it goes to a faucet (which you say it does) I’d say something about potability if it wasn’t tested. At least a recommendation not to use it for drinking purposes unless it is tested.

My other concern for these is structural safety of the cover and it’s ability to be sealed and secured. I’ll mention that it should be kept closed and locked when not being serviced to prevent accident and to prevent entry of vermin.

I see this sort of thing from time to time. Either an external spring piped to a cistern in basement or a dug well. (Actually had one that had a drilled well inside though I never did figure out how they did it ). I treat them like any other well. Is it sealed to prevent contamination? Relationship to potential contamination sources in both distance and altitude? Is it safe to drink?

I wish I had one in my basement to feed my sprinkler system !!