Opening Electrical Panels.

In Ontario over the last year or so there has been a lot of contrioversy about opening electrical panels while onsite.

The article on opening of electrical panels that Paul Gagliardi wrote in the Fall 2007 Canadian Home Inspector was fantastic.
Thanks Paul!
In April 2006 Ontario Regulation 213/91 allows only licenced electricians to work near live exposed electrical componants… ie: opening panels.
In the article Paul makes some solid statements from several authourities.
Here are several quotes.
1st… MOL. Belinda Sutton… The title of the document is “Construction projects”., is a home inspection considered to be a construction project? By our definition, it is NOT a construction project. Ms Sutton explained, if a house was being built and you provided an inspection at that time, the inspector would be subject to the regulation.
MOL conclusion: Unless you are opening an energised panel in a house that is considered to be a construction project, then Ontario Regulation 213/91 does not affect our profession.

2nd… Two law firms contacted the ESA and their opinions are as : Home Inspectors are not governed by the OESC. “OESC only applies to those installing or maintaining electrical equipment and Inspectors who are appointed as such by the ESA.”

3rd… Linda Jones from Policy/Legislative Analyst of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities stated. "Referring to Regulation 1050 Electrician, made under the Trades Qualifications and Apprenticeship Act. A home inspector does not need to be a licenced electrician for the purpose of opening the panel, as long as s/he is performing work outside the scope of the trade.


Open the panels!
This, of all the major systems has to be observed as functional.
Very few panels cannot be opened for evaluation.