Opening of Barton Home Inspection Services

We are proud to announce the opening of Barton Home Inspection Services.
Serving the South West Florida region.

Congratulations Andrew:cool: good luck

Thank you. I am hoping to bring the InterNachi pride and excellence to SWFL.

All the best Andrew. :cool:

Good luck to you and your new endeavor. I always like to know, what was you experience before becoming a Home Inspector or what lead you to this career?

Thank you all for the best wishes.

I have been a contractor and construction worker for 24 years. I own Andrew Barton Handyman Service in the Sarasota area. I have gotten tired of receiving calls from clients to perform work and fix mistakes that could have and should have been avoided. I have a repeat client who just bought two homes that supposedly had inspections performed. The moment I entered I found deficiencies that almost jumped out and bit me. Rusted water heater, water damage to ceiling, and mold growing through the sheetrock. Upon further investigation I found waste lines trapped with a flex line in s trap configuration, and many exposed wires. None of these were on the report. My goal as a home inspector will be the same as my mission as a handyman. To protect both my client and their investment.

Sounds like you have a bright future ahead. Get Nicks marketing book if you do not have it already :slight_smile: I wish I read it before I started doing anything inspection related.

Picked it up a few weeks back. Love it. I used his format for my website layout.

Welcome, Andrew…to the asylum…err…forum. :smiley:

Welcome Andrew

Thank you for the welcome. And thank you to Nick and Ben for this association. Big help throughout the whole course and licensing.

Welcome Andrew and good luck