OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

I have never heard of the “blue blood” claim. I do know of a local woman who had been donating blood ro the Red Cross because she had the antibodies due to a previous narural COVID-19 infection. After she took the vaccination, the Red Cross no longer accepts her blood for donation.
According ro Snopes in your article:
“Knowing the name of the manufacturer of the vaccine they receive is important in determining blood donation eligibility.”

Avert your eyes from the medusa.

Volunteer with The Catholic Worker!
Volunteer with Habitat For Humanity!
Volunteer with The Red Cross!
Volunteer with The National Park Service!
Volunteer with The ASPCA!
Volunteer with The Department of Veterans Affairs!
Volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America!

But most of these organizations will require that you first submit to inoculation with an experimental pseudo-vaccine for a supposed virus with more than a 99% natural survival rate. :joy:

Then you can volunteer with the ones that don’t. Tend to the gardens within reach, sir.

I don’t agree with the basic tenets of most of them. I tend not to be a follower.

interesting. assisting children, the homeless, disaster relief, animals, wild public spaces and veterans aren’t you’re style huh?

Jesus taught us to be shepherds and not sheep.

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you know there’s a good chance that most of these memes you post were created and propagated by hostile foreign nations, right?

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Uh, no. Not if it’s a concept that I have already formulated (most often an independent idea that I had), concluded from my own opinions over the past 60 years (and particularly over the past 20 months).


A man by the name of Dr. Robert Malone has recently found fame through alternative media outlets, claiming to be the RNA vaccine inventor and spouting out a mishmash of misleading claims.

The kettle calling the sheep black? You troll the world seeking out facts that confirm your biases, then claim others are sheep. Interesting.

Children age 4 and 6 receive the COVID vaccine by accident and suffer heart inflammation.