OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

Will read when i get the chance.

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Your BOOM fact-check website is supposedly based in Mumbai, India. Their largest contributor is Facebook, making them a biased source with little or no credibility regarding independent analysis of vaccine news or information. Their English language script also proves that their writers are influenced by UK translators. Like Facebook, BOOM is too much under the influence of Big Pharma’s billions to be considered a credible fact checker.

New Covid variant fears: There are two Covid symptoms in fully vaccinated to spot

MASH theme song
Might also be the anti-experimental jab mandate theme song

Ivermectin, even the horse kind, is a super well tolerated medication. It’s danger in the covid context is displacement: making people think they’ve protected themselves.

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So true, fortunately we have the best medical minds working on a actual treatment which will both eliminate severe sickness and allow the anti-vaxx holdouts to survive. It is fairly obvious if ivermectin and all of the other wingnut witchdoctor remedy’s worked we’d be discussing covid in the past tense. :mask:

That goes triple for the toxic experimental vaccines, which are crippling, killing, and creating/spreading the new variant strains.

Indeed, these self-proclaimed “truthers” are adept at sloganeering. Whether it is deliberate or merely a modern consequence, who knows? But their employment of a tactic that Dr Coleman criticises is just one of many contradictions.

They label the public "sheeple " and decry the “brainwashing” we have undergone, at the same time as unhesitatingly lapping up any conspiratorial crumb flicked their way. “Question everything”, they insist, but then ignore us when we question them. They indignantly tell us to “Do your research”, but fail to fact-check the material they share. They clamour for “freedom of speech”, but kick dissenting voices out of their forums. They accuse the media of “scaremongering”, and then tell us 5G is what’s killing people, that our facemasks are making us sick, and that a coronavirus vaccine will implant tracking bugs in us. There is an unrelenting denouncement of “fake news” while disseminating that very thing.

The coronavirus crisis is labelled variously as a “plandemic” or a “scamdemic” . Those who do not believe are urged to “wake up!”, and material is distributed invariably with a plea to "share this with everybody before it gets taken down!".

You can get all those symptoms just by eating most folks’ chili.