OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

Hitchen’s Razor: What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.

Yes, especially when the vaccine is a toxic concoction of elements that are known to poison you and your immune system- but won’t kill a “coronavirus”.

It is you who are in a strange place, Snowflake. You have put yourself and your family in grave danger through your lack of common sense and your failure to take the leadership role in the family. Your inability to overcome those deficits demands that you accuse others of being perpetrators against your family. You falsely blame us for your situation largely because the government and Big Pharma and the medical mob have styled the media narrative around that false dictum that we who refuse the experimental vaccines are the aggressors and even “murderers”. I cannot help you see the light. Only God can do that.

A list of the pro-virus crowd who paid the ultimate price.

Raw numbers are meaningless in an open access database like this.
It’s like counting text message votes from Dancing With the Stars. Useless misdirection.

I can’t help you see the light. And, as they say, “You can’t fix stupid.”

You may not be able to fix stupid but we can surely vaccinate stupid’s children. :thinking:

Most of the police officers have been on our side all along.

Just proves that there are power-hungry political whores everywhere, eager to destroy their own nations for the drug cartel and the medical mob.

Owning the libs. Good plan.

A new world order where every person has an obligation to contribute to the society’s wellbeing? Bring it on.

Communist c**t.

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Political freedom.
Public health / Care for your fellow residents of the planet.
Economic systems.

All different things.

Wrong, Dummy. They are all inextricably intertwined, by a communist global hierarchy that control all governments and institutions through the monetary system.

Indeed, different sub-categories but all incredibly intrinsically intertwined. One correction or movement in any of the above categories effects the other.

Just curious, as far as lockdowns, mandates, quarantines etc. Do you have a line that could be crossed by your government that you would consider “too far”?

South African doctors and nurses have already said this new strain is a nonevent, with mild symptoms. But you can bet the Nervous Nessies will be cheerleading for Big Pharma all the way.