OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

Israel’s 17% Unvaccinated Now Account for 65% of All Serious COVID-19 Cases

For every death of an Israeli over 60 that had received the booster shot, there are roughly 15 deaths of unvaccinated Israelis in the same age group

Like the rest of the manipulative authorities throughout the “civilized” nations of the world, Israeli medical authorities have been instructed and coerced into counting anyone as “unvaccinated” who has received some but not ALL of their required doses of the vaccines. This is typical of the word games they play to impugn, stalk and subdue those who refuse rhe vaccinations.




Fortunately in my Zip Code the vaccination rate is 92%

CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are paid to be liars and whores for Big Pharma. That speaks volumes for their cult followers who gladly suck up all their toxic pills and vaccines instead of working to maintain healthy lifestyles.

The quantity of Big Pharma’'s toxic pills that you ingest on a daily basis is probably directly proportional to your trust in Big Pharma to provide you with an experimental vaccine that will save your life from a cold or flu with a 97% survival rate.

Yeah, better off taking medical advice from Nicki Minaj… :crazy_face:

Fauci needs to be in federal prison.

De·lu·sion·al… characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder…

And those evil people did that because…
…taking half your dose is like wearing half a condom.

That said, antibody proof of wild type covid infection plus a booster dose of mRNA should count as fully vaxed.

Then why are so many medical authorities coming forward now and saying that booster shots should be curtailed, Einstein?

You follow the wrong “noose” sources: the ones who are bought and paid for by Big Pharma’s drug ads running on their networks 24 hours of every day.

You pillheads are the delusional ones, thinking that one toxic drug after another will overcome the damage that you do to yourself with gluttony, sloth, and pills to alleviate the side effects of other pills.

Never gonna give thine up… :crazy_face:

Because they’re finding the vaccines currently have lasting protection against severe covid.

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You’re being real judgey with people you’ve never met.