OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

I know that the biggest percentage of Americans over the age of 50 are on at least one or two prescription drugs long-term. And a startling number of them are on four or more prescription drugs, in many cases 10 or more of the drugs. That I learned from listening to people and their doctors over the past 30 years; and not from data sets.

And you take 18 “vitamins” based on quacks…

go figure…

I base it on 50 years of taking vitamins. And I’m healthier than you are. Especially after you submit to their poisonous jab.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Get yourself a copy of the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) and read about all of the possible side effects of the synthetic pharmaceuticals and the interactions with other drugs. Then you can begin to put 2 and 2 together. Or maybe not.

Here comes the political rationing of treatment medications.

The Biden administration wants to hold it back from southern states in case it is needed elsewhere in the future. Which means, we want to be sure to have plenty for the “Responsible Blue States” when the inevitable delta surge moves north.

Trump would be all over ramping up production of this treatment medication. Lefties love to ration healthcare and use it politically.

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Don’t need too. I laugh at you proclamation of you being “healthier” than me.

I’m 62. Never have been on or take any medications for anything.

Once a year blood test and physical. Nothing that would require meds.

So guess what??? I don’t take any meds!! Just your crap propaganda…


Good for you! You’re a rare case.

So are you…in a certain way


I am on zero drugs.
Except the vaccine.
And at peace with that.


If you or any of your loved ones have to be hospitalized for any reason, you would be wise to refuse remdesivir and/or a ventilator.

Ivermectin? :cow2:


I’m 61…no medications…

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The false facts of that story is the NCAA does not mandate or require anyone to be vaccinated. Not surprised on spreading misinformation.