OpenVAERS vaccine adverse events reports

They probably had more suicides than all the other causes combined.

Burn down the mission…

Riiiiiight… The NCAA say they don’t require vaccinations and other measures. But then they make it hard for everyone who doesn’t follow their “suggestions”. Such as: wearing a mask at all times, indoor or outdoor, for those who are unvaccinated. It’s the apex of communist lunacy to make participants in a no-contact sport like golf wear a mask on the driving range or golf course.

Show me where they require that. You can’t It’s BS.

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“Unvaccinated athletes and coaches, however, will be tested once or three times per week for the virus (depending on the type of test used), according to NCAA recommendations. Unvaccinated individuals should also wear masks in public settings at all times, while vaccinated individuals should do so indoors.”

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Big difference in “recommendations” and requirements. So how is recommendations making it hard? You lost this one. Go back to posting your misinformation articles.

Mask on driving ranges…


Listen in horror to this U K. funeral director IF you have the balls to listen.

You lose, Doobie. You still haven’t learned how we are being hoaxed, manipulated, and divided. And it doesn’t appear that you have an ounce of intellectual curiosity about the hows and the whys of the whole thing. If it were a hot war, you’d be the first to throw up your hands and say, “I surrender! Jab me!”

From the article:
"The fact that John was offered a bribe to keep his vaccine injury quiet may explain why so many “sudden deaths” of students in high school and college are being reported in the corporate media, without reporting their vaccination status. If they died with a “COVID positive” test and were NOT vaccinated against COVID, you can be sure this would be reported, because it fits their narrative that only people unvaccinated are filling the hospitals.

So it is very likely that all of these student deaths in the media that do not mention their COVID-19 vaccination status are COVID-19 casualties that they are trying to cover up."

Dr. Bryan Ardis | Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir Which Causes Renal Failure

Scatter Plots of states - Vaccination Rate vs COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths (Yale)

From Yale Faculty Viewpoints, article titled “Soaring COVID Rates in the South Show Why We Need Vaccine Mandates”. Correlation is obviously very strong. The case rate covers one week on Sep 9th, so it’s recent, and appropriately aligns with the Sep 9th vaccination number. The hospitalization and death rates would not line up on the calendar quite as well with the vaccine snapshot because they are composed of a 6 month period (March 1 - Sep 9), but directionally correct since the top vaccinated states were generally top vaccinated states six months ago as well.

Vaccination Rates and Seven-day Case Rates

What it should say is:
Soaring COVID Rates in the South Show Why We Need to help vaccinate those who are most at risk.

The term “mandate” will cause many to dig in their heels on principle. Which is what “Where am I Joe Biden” wants.

He has even convinced people that unvaccinated people are a threat to the vaccinated, regardless of the science to the contrary.

There is no reasonable explanation as to why his attitude never included compassion, but only exasperation and condemnation, other than political motivation. “Hate they neighbor for votes”

Now his “equitable distribution” of treatment medication seals the deal. People in the south need the treatment, while the north has not been hit yet. But he is pulling the plug anyway. Who would do this?

A political sociopath.

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Impressive optics in charts that really prove nothing, since the data being fed to the charts are always misleading or downright fraudulent. More than half of the hospital deaths are being caused by doctors and hospitals and pharmacists refusing to prescribe or administer inexpensive alternative therapeutics; instead participating in the costly “hospital protocol” scheme of administering remdesivir and ventilators to patients, which causes kidney failure, water retention, pneumonia, and death.

Prove that statement.

That’s what the murderous medical mafia say. You’re just parroting them. Look at what all the whistleblower doctors and nurses, funeral directors, and recovered patients are saying, for your evidence. The doctors and hospitals are still killing patients with remdesivir and ventilators; and not allowing them to get low-priced treatment alternatives.

I’m a patient guy. Keep working on your proof.

You’re a guy who doesn’t read enough. I have posted the evidence throughout this thread. You will go on trusting the “authorities” who are making billions of dollars every week on this Plandemic. And your trust will enable them to go on killing millions more Americans through the Fall and Winter. Enjoy being their Bobble Head.

You don’t believe our charts, but expect us to believe other country’s charts.?


Well said.