opinion of the toughcams


Has anyone used this ? What stands out good or bad from reading the link ? thanks
I’m trying to buy my first cam. for home inspection , energy audit, etc…


It’s not too bad of a camera. Has good sensitivity but lower temperature range than like a FLIR i50. Doesn’t have the ability to do a digital picture or Fusion either. It does have interchangeable lenses though. Image format is a proprietary format so you more than likely you’ll have to go into ICI’s software first before you use it in whatever it in whatever software you’re using for the energy audits. Also it doesn’t have the insulation and dewpoint alarm ability which can come in handy for what you are doing. I also know one distributor of theirs that is actually looking at a FLIR camera for his actual consulting work rather than their camera. I know the owner of ICI has even said the FLIR Cameras are better made.

OJ Utter