Opinion's of Radelc E Perm

(Stephen J. Rager) #1

Looking for opinions and thoughts on the Radelec E Perm. I’m trying to decide between that and Sun Nuclear. I may get both.

What do you like about either and why?

Thank you in advance!

(Joseph Hagarty, CMI) #2

Back in 2000, I started with 10 E-Perms and 2 Sun Nuclear 1027’s for my Radon Business.
In 2002, I had 15 Sun Nuclear 1027’s and sold my E-Perms and Speer Reader.
Sun Nuclear is quick, easy and accurate.

E-Perms are very good.
Cross Checks with the 1027 were within standard deviation.
Use of the 1027 routinely was better for my business.

(William Forrest, CMI) #3

I just started with E-Perms. I could not be happier.

Simple to use and the report manager software does everything I need including the quarterly report for the State of Ohio.

Another big plus is the customer service you get at Rad Elec.

(Stephen J. Rager) #4

Thank you both for your input!