Opinions on Airborne mold and VOCs

Hello I am new to this forum and I am interested in what the NACHI community recommends in cases of elevated airborne spore counts and high VOC counts to the people you are doing the inspections for. Other than repair the source of the problem. Are your recommendations strictly on what the hygienist recommends?
I have been part of a team for the last 6 years developing a new technology that can greatly reduce airborne spore counts and VOC counts in an air- stream. The DoD has tested it and currently RTI has got it in their labs testing it for the EPA. I would be interested in hearing what something like this could do for your industry.

Never came across a case of high VOCs unless it was a new construction, muself. In all of those cases just ventilating the home seemed to be lower the count enough.
As far as mold spores, air scrubbing with a commercial portable HEPA machine seems to be the most common standard. I have not seen a remediation protocol written where air scrubbing was not required. At least all horizontal surfaces are require to be swiped down or HEPA vac. All mold growth has to be removed.
I follow what ever the Industrial Hygienists tell me.
I hope your system helps a lot of people.

The problems we have found with most HEPA based air scrubbers is a high VOC count from the spores trapped on the filters. Or infiltration around the filters from a poor seat.
We deal with mostly commercial applications and a lot of the calls we get are from the outdoor environment raising the levels of VOCs and the spore counts in the occupied space not always from a water source. Or the manufacturing process is infiltrating back into the office from the manufacturing floor. Diluting the indoor air with fresh air isn’t all ways an option.

Charcol filter for VOC works.