Opinions On This Plumbing Arrangement

From this morning’s inspection of a 1953 home. This was difficult to photograph, note the two valves (open position) located about 5’ above the sump pump. The valve on the right side controls the discharge to an apparent dry well. The other valve is located on the pipe leading to the trapped drain that connects to the main drain. The utility sink drains into the sump (not permitted). I could not determine if the water was discharging to the main drain or to the well. Any thoughts?

If both taps are open, discharge must be in both directions, although the path of least resistance will get the bulk of it. I would not try to operate any taps, to avoid triggering a leak. I imagine an overflow system was put in for times of high water in the sump. You have enough info there to call for further evaluation by a plumber, or just call it obsolete and possibly no longer permissible discharge of grey water.

John Kogel

John did you chuckle some. This is wrong. Evaluate by licensed plumber.

Just stood there and scratched my head, what were they thinking? Apparently original to the home, 1953. You never know what you may discover with this job!
Has been a very strange month for me, with a collection of one-of - kind items like this one. Yes, called for evaluation and repair by licensed plumber, in addition to recommending installation of a laundry sink pump to discharge directly to the main drain.

The home was built in 1953. Do you know what “plumbing code” was in the area (if any?) Back then?

I’m going to take a guess, and assume that pipe is as old as the house?

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