Opinions wanted

Hello all.

I am considering releasing a version of Home Savvy eZine that would have Google AdSense in the article pages above the articles where the header image currently sits. SEE THE IMAGE.

As our subscribers can already insert AdSense into their personal pages, the AdSense plug-in for our article pages would be used to offset the cost of Home Savvy. If we do this, then all we would have to charge is a graphic design fee for the initial setup ($99) ONE TIME and never another cent again. This makes sense (no pun intended) because if you aren’t using your account, then your audience isn’t eating-up bandwidth and you aren’t using tech support time.

Of course, you’d have ads in your HSM that you aren’t benefitting from. Give and take.

Anyway, I’d like some opinions on this. I appreciate your time in advance.



You make money, we save money, sounds good to me