Opportunity to serve on newly formed NV Inspector of Structures Advisory Review Committee

The State of Nevada Real Estate Division is looking for applicants for the newly formed Inspector of Structures Advisory Review Committee. Below is the regulation pertaining to the newly formed committee. Also included is the application. Once the application form is completed, please email the application back to:

Jaye Lindsay
State of Nevada
Appraisal, Energy Auditor and Inspector of Structures Program Manager

Please contact Mr. Lindsay if you have any questions.

NAC 645D.075 Advisory committee: Authority and duties of Administrator; qualifications and rights of members. (NRS 645D.120)

  1. The Administrator may establish an advisory committee to assist him with any matter that he determines is appropriate for submission to an advisory committee.

  2. The Administrator shall create and maintain a list of the persons he approves to serve on an advisory committee. A person approved to serve on an advisory committee must:

(a) Be a certificate holder on active status and in good standing with the Division;

(b) Have been actively engaged in business as a certified inspector in this State for at least the 3 years immediately preceding the date of his approval; and

(c) Have been a resident of this State for not less than 5 years.

  1. If the Administrator determines to establish an advisory committee, he shall appoint three persons to serve on the committee from the list of approved persons. At least one member of the advisory committee must be a certified master inspector. The Administrator shall appoint one member of the advisory committee to serve as its chairman.

  2. A member of an advisory committee serves:

(a) At the pleasure of the Administrator;

(b) Without compensation; and

(c) Is entitled to receive the per diem allowance and travel expenses provided by law for state officers and employees generally for the period during which the member was engaged in the discharge of his duties.

AARC for IOS Application .pdf (48.2 KB)

Nice. Great honor to be on an advisory committee.