Optical illusion water travels uphill

Getting old and lazy did not want to go get my level, this driveway gave the illusion that it was slanted toward the garage doors and it did not matter which end you stood it still looked slanted toward the door so I just ran some water from the hose Bibb sure enough traveled up hill;-):p:D

Hey Charley You been in the juice again? haha

No juice for me had to climb a little roof, juice and roofs don’t mix:D

How’s mister Ritter getting along these days staying away from ladders:p

Doing fair, got some hot spots in them ribs still, but now I only use my ladders. In this trade, if you don’t learn the first time,you screw up, you better get another job

Spook Hill Florida

Heck, they could make some money…


The proof is in the pudding:D