Oregon to wipe out inspector's ability to limit liability?

It appears there will be a proposed rule change discussed to make it illegal for an Oregon home inspector to have a “limitation of liability” clause in their contract. The board will only publish their agenda about 4 days before the meeting, to be held April 27th http://www.oregon.gov/CCB/board.shtml

All members are encouraged to attend.

Are they following the lead of Kansas

All business and corporate contracts limit liability. If states make home inspectors take that out of contracts, this may be unconstitutional. We have an agreement, a personal contract between us and our client. What we both agree to, should not be interfered with.

Gary -

Can you spot the defect in this recently remodeled house.

Done by a LICENSED realestator / rehabber

Nice… A handy stranded aluminum clothes line… :slight_smile:

Didn’t the listing agent disclose that on the seller’s disclosure statement?

Realtors and sellers need to take some of the heat. Incredible.

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