Orlando Inspectors Beware

I had one of my closest contacts at Century 21 call me and he informed me that an inspector came into his office and proceeded to remove the display and materials of other inspectors including myself. This inspector then placed their materials in the office and walked out. On the way out my contact told me that this inspector then threw the other inspector brochures in the garbage. I was called and this event was brought to my attention. As I went into the real estate offices that I visit frequently I noticed that my brochures were missing in several other offices. The strange thing is that so were other inspection company brochures except for one NACHI member company. Oddly, the same person that was seen at Century 21. I am aware of the company and person’s name that is doing this and ask that you please stop. I thought I would try to go this route before moving toward a more stern approach. If you are reading this you should know that you have been seen at least twice by very close friends of mine. I do not know what can be done about this but I wanted to tell fellow members about this classless act. If it continues, I will name the company and the NACHI individual on this message board. As far as the rest of us. I suggest making sure that you have allies in your real estate offices that are as alert as mine so that you can keep your materials stocked where you want them to be.

If they saw him do it, why did they not confront him right then and there? Or let the managing broker know about it.

Thanks for the heads up. I mail directly to agents. I hope I catch the guy doing it so I can have him arrested and then call my old employee’s at the jail and have them have one more blanket party for the old Sarge.

I have seen this many times.

Its nice when you no longer market to realtors.

The manager at Century 21 ran out of the store and told hime he was not welcome there anymore. This guy knows who he is and if he pulls this crap again all of the NACHI membership will know as well.

I hope he removed his from the desk.


You should file an ethics complaint against this person. He should be removed from the membership roles immediately. There is no sense in being considerate to a person that will act in such a manner.

The realtors also throw out your brochures if you’re “not one of their inspectors”. Try duct tape. Get a dozen donuts and duct tape 1 or 2 brochures to each individual donut. It works.:wink:

Hi Paul,

I would like to know who it is.

The real estate office that actually saw and confronted this person has removed his information and banned him from their office. The reason that I am not naming the person is because I know times are tough right now and desperate people sometimes do stupid things. I thought it best to bring the situation to everyone so that you would be aware of the fact that your information may be closer monitored for your own benefit. I truly hope he stops. Like I said, if he does it again I will plaster his name all over every message board and look for other options on what can be done to penalize him.

For your information.

The InterNACHI member shall not engage in any act or practice that could be deemed damaging, seditious or destructive to InterNACHI, fellow InterNACHI members, InterNACHI employees, leadership or directors.

Member(s) accused of acting or deemed in violation of such rules shall be reviewed by the Ethics committee for possible sanctions and/or *expulsion *from InterNACHI.

I recommend filing a formal complaint with the Ethics committee, precisely because times are hard for some inspectors. Those materials costs someone some coin and to have someone do this is lower than snake **** in a wagon rut. A person like that does not deserve a second chance. If I had seen him or anyone do that they would still be walking with a limp and bleeding from both ears. Let the Ethics folks handle it formally and get it on the record. Inspectors in central and south Florida are so numerous they are tripping over one another but that is still no excuse for this kind of behavior. NOT only unethical but probably illegal.

Hi Paul,
that stinks!
inspectors have done that here also.
If you know who it is I would call him and let him know that you are aware of this crap and tell him right out to stop.
then I would report him to NACHI if he is a member.
Like you said times are slow but that is unacceptable!


Then check out this thread http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=26613.

If we don’t police ourselves vigourously, who will.

File a complaint. No second chances for costing other inspectors money.

Send it to Joe Farsetta at jjf10965@yahoo.com

Mr Richards… are you advocating further gun violence?

I also asked Paul for a name.

I said I would launch the complaint personally on behalf of NACHI area inspectors.

Still waiting…