Orlando IR Class Completed

2 Day IR Class in Orlando completed

Thanks David.

See you in Boulder, in May.

Look for the tall dork in the orange shirt. :mrgreen:


The course really helped me connect the dots and gave me a much better understanding of the technology, applications, marketing, building science information and how to use the camera. The calss was amazing and exceeded my expectations.

I think you should charge more for the class…It was great. I have a much better understaning of everything now. Your course and material is also very helpful full of great info and adffordable.

John thanks again!!

For those thinking about getting an IR camera and are going to use it mainly for home inspections, Johns class will be a very GREAT first step for you.

It was nice meeting you as well. Thank you so much for having the calss!!

Just so everyone knows, the instructor of this course bought ALL of the students lunch on day 2. What a great gentleman!!! This course is a must for anyone leaning toward Infrared!!!


Thanks… (there was only 1 student on day two but we treated ALL to lunch… LOL).