Orlando regional Realtor Assoc. experts seminar.

I was one of the speakers on the panel today for this seminar open to the public. There were ASHI and FABI inspectors also.I was the only one from NACHI.I was very supprised that we all got along great for the same cause. Educate the public and the realtors on what we do.IT WENT VERY WELL. I was approched after the meeting from and attorney about Home Inspections. She told me that she has a talk show on the radio every week and wanted to know if I would be one of her quest speakers. Whow that floored me. I told her yes I would be happy to do that.That just proves to show NACHI inspectors learn and train all the time and Do the best job at Inspections.

Nice work!

Thank you nick, I will see you next week at the chapter meeting here in orlando.