OSB Mold

I was inspecting a new home during it’s construction. I noticed a stack of 30 sheets of OSB that the builder was getting ready to use on this home. I noticed there was darkening on one edge of this pile. I looked a little closer and saw that it was mold growing on it. Do you think it was proper for me to say something to this builder? He was not happy because I set him back a day while he waited for his supplier to replace these sheets. He was co-operative with me when I showed him.

i think its an education process.
you can only hope that if you approach people politely and with respect that they will extend some courtesy back to you. what they do with that information is not your worry since you can’t control it.
i think it was both proper and professional.

I would think the builder would appreciate knowing that he had some faulty materials delivered. At least, that’s the way I would approach it…“did you know that…”

I got a call from the contractor last night and he told me he got the replacement sheeting. He said it was good stuff. I stopped at the site at 5 this morning and gave it the ok. God I hate early mornings.