Other contractors

I was conducting an inspection today and my client had a contractor who stated he was in the business for 35 years review for adding more soffit ventilation.

He was using my 4ft ladder, without asking my permission, it was leaning against the shelves in the closet at the access. The contractor had a prosthetic leg, weighed more than the ladder rating.

I asked him not to use my ladder as I did not want to be responsible for him falling. I was not mad or being disrespectful but he started yelling at me(later he apologized).

I did state that if I was in the business for 35 years I would use my own ladder.

Just curious on your guys feeling.

My client spent all but about 5 minutes(with me) of the 3 hour inspection with his contractor on adding additional soffit ventilation.

I got done faster but I felt he missed out on the informative part of the inspection.

I document this in my reports that the buyers were distracted by a contractor and this limits the inspection. (Wonder what Joe Ferry thinks about this)

**NOBODY **steps foot on my ladder except me. No exceptions. Period!

Someone who reads me his resume loses me in the conversation. If you are any good, you don’t have to tell them how good you are…they will see it for themselves.

Just because you have been doing it for a long time, doesn’t mean you were doing it right!

He should have asked first.
Clients become distracted all the time.

At the beginning I state it may seem rude, but will be interrupting any on going conversation if things need to be pointed out.

I don’t… heck it’s their money, and if they want to waste it, then they are adults. On the other hand, I will mention to them that if they are interested in having a conversation about my findings, they should stay with me. Otherwise they can just read the report.

I’m not going to stay for 2 hours after I’m done, going over stuff with them when they were yapping with someone else the whole time.

I’ve had a few times where a roofer or an HVAC guy has asked to go up my ladder.

I’m usually OK with that, if someone looked to heavy or feeble for the ladder, I’d probably say nope.

If the roofer pulled up at the same time and pulled his extension ladder out, I think most of us would ask as well. I know I do.

I personally don’t want anyone talking to me until I’m done. Never works that way though.