Other Services Offered...

Does anyone else offer other services other than Home Inspections (radon, mold, termite, etc?) I mean, is it good practice to offer services such as gutter cleaning, power washing, or chimney cleaning? Does anyone else offer any other services?

That reminds me of the movie “The Proposal” with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (she 52?). There was a character in the movie that had like 8 different jobs (pole dancer, waiter, shopkeeper, minister, etc).

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I guess the responses you have received would indicate NO!

However, it is your business.


Have you read the code of ethics?

Yes, I am apparently a Habitual Offender according to an A S S or Two.

I know you was not talking to me though :slight_smile:

I think “OUR” Code of Ethics Needs to be brought to a much more MODERN way of thinking involving complete transparency and letting people rely on their own decisions on who to hire and for what.

I believe “OUR” COE is extremely damaging to the best of the best. Those who have vast knowledge and MANY Talents.

Yes, I have ready the code of Ethics. However, I have also seen other inspectors offering other services as well. I was hoping to get some input from other inspectors on what they thought of that and if they offer any other services. I know some inspectors test for radon and also offer mitigation. On the other hand, I have seen inspectors offer power washing and deck staining services as well.

That is why OUR OUTDATED COE needs to be CHANGED. It is a Joke that holds back the hardest working of us. Total BS.

The COE prohibits you from performing ‘repairs’ to a home you inspect for 12 months. All of those items you listed are considered ‘repairs’.

Who the heck cares what your competition does? Use it against them in your advertising… *“We don’t need to push gutter cleaning and power washing to earn your business. We focus on Home Inspections. We eat and sleep Home Inspections. We continually maintain our knowledge of construction techniques, home systems, and modern materials through some of the best Continuing Education courses available! Don’t be duped by wanna-be companies trying to milk every penny out of your wallets. Call Inspector Eric today for the Home Inspection you deserve!” *

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