Other than the pre-requisite courses, Which one would you recommend?

I am studying to become a new CPI and I would like to have a break from the required courses and maybe take an interesting, useful course that is not part of that list. Which one would you recommend?
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  • Carolina

Just take all you can.

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Take the courses that will make you a certified plumbing inspector, HVAC and electrical inspector. These three courses will set you above the majority.


I agree with Martin, Carolina.

I would recommend you doing or looking at the “questions of the week”. These cover various areas and are created by knowledgeable people in the forum. You can get a lot of information from these. Even if you don’t participate you can read.

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Keep going on the courses but to break it up, watch YouTube videos on subjects you are finding a bit harder. Trust me, it breaks up the study time and helps way way more than just reading materials.

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The internachi webcasts on file are good but search more, go through the forum, any links posted are great to read through or watch depending on the links. There is a wealth of info at your fingertips!!! Info that isn’t just boring if you want this career.