Ottawa meeting on the National Initiative

** Ottawa Regional Meeting Group** Upcoming Meeting
[size=1] [size=1]Date & Time: 10/23/2007, 9:00 a.m. Agenda : Mike Guihan and Bill Mullen - speaking on the National Initiative and the NCA and Tom Lloyd and Aubrey Leblanc - addressing us on recent updates with OAHI/CAHPI-Ontario
Where : Embassy West Hotel, Carling at Kirkwood, Ottawa 1400 Carling Avenue, Ottawa Map : Click for Map Contacts : Laurel Harris RHI,
Gee and here I thought and was told Mr. Guihan the invisible man didn’t know anything about the National of which he is in charge. :wink: :shock:

Non members welcome. This is your chance Nachi members in Ottawa to get out and ask questions. This is the chance to build repore and bridges on behalf of your association.


Mike Guihan is in Ottawa for three days with me because we have many meetings planned. The visit to the Ottawa group is but one. He of course knows some things about the National Initiative so he will help me answer some questions. He’s the National President so he’s not really totally in the dark, but he hasn’t been as close to the action as I have been.B

Don’t make something out of nothing. It’s mostly a feel-good visit for the presentation of an annual award. I doubt that we will be discussing the NCP very much because there isn’t much time for any one topic.

I hope some NACHI members do attend. The Ottawa group is one of the best and from what I’ve seen it’s quite open and fair. In fact, our friend Marcel is well known and welcome in their midst.

Bill Mullen