Sounds like they need to steal a voltage detector from Home Depot before stealing “live” electrical wire. :eek:

Ahhh…Darwin at work.
Sorry, I have NO sympathy for people like this.

Smoke comming from the building. Ouch indeed.

Ditto, I hope it hurts and leaves scars :twisted:

I did feel a bit sorry for the guy that decided the top of a power tower was a good place for a quiet beer…about four beers into the six pack nature called…He was found dead at the bottom of the tower with a still smoking member…I’m pretty sure he was well aware of the error in judgement he made as he learned how to fly…:roll:

Oooh, man, ouch!..Depends commercial. :cool:

I only feel sorry for the fact he is only 17 years old and probably had no real direction…had to lead him to THIS situation. Hope he learned his lesson and gets his life in order…

The bigger shame will be all the lawyers who will be contacting this kid. Proposing ideas on how they can figure out a way to sue somebody for him being electrocuted. That it shouldn’t of happened if the owners of the properrty took the proper precautions.

WHAT??? Your post is contradictory.

First you say he will try and unjustifiably sue, then you almost blame the property owners.

Here is a quote from the article:

I’d say the owners did all the needed to, and Darwin took care of the rest.

I would not underestimate the greed or creativity of lawyers in exploiting the resources of insurance companies.
If you want to be excused from any jury, hearing a liability case, just say you think lawyers and insurance companies are the perfect financial perpetual motion machine, raising the cost of everything we buy and deflating the value of every dollar we make.
Both sides will write your name on their legal pad and you will be home in time to see The Price is Right.
After saying this, I have never been called again.

Good comment. I simply stated that I thought Shakespere had the correct statement…

I’ve never been called again either. :smiley: