I suppose it had to happen eventually. Perhaps it will thin out the ranks of HIs if it lasts long enough.:shock:

Bubbles just don’t keep getting bigger indefinitely. We should takes Nick’s advice and not participate in the downturn. **Market, Market, **Market

Consider yourselves fortunate. Here in southern California, sales transactions have been declining 32-40% per month compared to 2005. “It’s shake out time”. It happens in all cyclical business markets, real estate is one of same. We’ll have fewer realtors, lenders, appraisers, termite inspectors and of course home inspectors once it’s all over.

“I’ll be trying my best to take an inspection away from one of the CREIA Inspectors”

Amen to that, Michael. The strongest and smartest elk in the herd will most often survive the winter.

Here’s a few “marketing in a tough economy” links that may (?) spark some ideas:


Thanks for the reading list Eric.
I seem to have some spare time at the momentbut I’m in this for the long haul not the quick buck. :smiley:

Same thing in Canada guys!!It used to be a sellers market up until a month ago when it was announced that it is a buyers market.No more bidding wars!!

Just got a notice in the snail mail from a realtor that lives in my neighborhood saying it’s now a buyers’ market. Hasn’t affected my business but I know of others that are in the hurt locker for business. I choose not to participate in any downturns or recessions. Too many now willing to do presale inspections. Just did a big house on the water this morning for presale. It was a hurricane make over these investors took on to flip. It was a gorgeous house too so it was a pleasure to inspect.