Our Code of Ethics in French

Hello again, French-speaking Members –

Attached is a PDF of our Code of Ethics translated into French.

Those of you who are interested are welcome to post your comments and corrections in this thread, or you mail email me directly.

Again, it will help me with any edits if you capture the original text, provide the suggested edit or correction, and also provide a brief explanation as to why your translation or correction is necessary or preferable.

Thanks again!

J’ai trouvé plusieurs erreurs grammaticales dans lui.

I don’t think we have fully interpreted the English version, yet.

Send a copy to Meeker


Can’t wait to read iNACHI Standards of Practice in French…

Thank you,

I’m on this one, this is my week-end project!

Marc-Andre from Brossard Quebec Canada.:slight_smile:

Thank you, Marc!