Our inspector died and there's electrical problems

Our inspector died the week of our closing and now we have some electrical problems. Does an inspectors insurance cover things he did prior to passing? I am a bit worried it’s something big and we will be stuck with a bill. Sad for him but what happens to consumers??

Wow, that’s sad news to hear that a fellow inspector has passed away. Their family must be heart broken to have lost a loved one.
If you have an electrical problem you should be talking to an electrician before you talk to us or a lawyer. If you have a hazardous electrical condition, it should be repaired right away. Many inspectors do not carry insurance to cover repair items and you may just be responsible. What state are you in?

Homeownership comes with the cost of repairs and maintenance.

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OMG, how funny. My inspector died, but whats in it for me. Nothing. he is dead. Hire an electrician and fix your home.

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Maybe you could sit in when the will is being read, he may have left you his GFCI tester in his will so you can do your own electrical checks…

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This has to be a joke.

It may not be Juan. We no live in a society where everyone wants to throw blame instead of accepting responsibility.
In this case, the new home owner does not want to take responsibility for hiring the cheap inspector.
Now that there is a problem, its still not their responsibility.

How do you know he was cheap or that he did anything wrong. The OP didn’t even have an electrician out yet or they’d know if it was a big problem or not.

How do we know if it was something the inspector could have observed at the time of inspection?

None of it matters anyway. Apparently he’s dead so the OP needs to grow up and embrace home ownership.

While the passing of the inspector is sad, it does not negate the issues that you are experiencing. Most inspectors carry E&O insurance. Try checking with your agent to see if they might have a certificate of insurance on file for the inspector.

What type of electrical issues are you experiencing?

Is your booty worth anything or has it already lost it’s elasticity? Maybe bartering for electrical services is an option?

Reading the OP’s question, it sounds like he thinks the inspector messed up the electrical, then died.

Was he electrocuted?

After the inspection, why would anyone need to get hold of the inspector, or his insurance company, concerning his findings?

Maybe he wants to sue the inspector’s insurance for something that was overlooked?

Go ahead and sue anyway. In this day and age, anyone can get sued for anything any time. Especially Home Inspectors.

I say dig the slacker up and make Him fix it…

Apparently even dead inspectors.

You have electrical problems … What type? How many? How important?

If this is for real & not a tasteless joke, have an electrician verify the issues for you and costs of repair (upgrades / improvements don’t count ONLY “she’s broken” type of issues).

Then get a cost for repair.

THEN realize that EVEN if the inspector had Errors & Omissions insurance AND even if it survived his passing (and probably 60% of all inspectors don’t have E&O insurance), those policies typically come with at LEAST a $1,500 to $2,500 deductible OR more.

So if in most cases if the repair costs are under $2,500 …
Welcome to Home Ownership