Our latest e-newsletter test run to REALTORs just got our first zero opt-out rate!

We just ran an acceptance test on a new e-newsletter we’re about to send out to a gazillion real estate agents and we are proud to announce a zero opt-out response.

The next e-newsletter (which promotes the use of NACHI members to do pre-listing inspections) is as follows:

Dear Real Estate agent:

The link below is to a book which you may use and link to. It promotes the use of real estate agents like you. It also helps sellers prepare their homes and price their homes properly. Licensed real estate agents are permitted to link to, download, and reprint the book in its entirety. You should add the following link to on your real estate website. It really helps converting FSBOs into listings.


—Local NACHI member contact info here—

REMINDER TO MEMBERS!!! Get your local real estate agent’s email addresses entered into http://www.nachi.org/buyersrealtorsenewsletter.htm

So, I’ll get that emailed out to about 2400 contacts?

Any idea of when that will be?
I’ll want to keep my calendar clear that week . . .

Did you make the changes in regards to those issues I mentioned in it? I would love to send it out, however with something important like that I would want it corrected first.

When is it going out?

Oh, sorry for the ditto Russ! :wink:

I have my email on the list of contacts for myself. I have never received one email from this said e-newsletter. What gives?