Our new trade show banner stands are in. Order yours for your next event. No charge.

New InterNACHI banner stands for your next inspection meeting, real estate expo, or home buyers seminar.


Why would anyone do this?

Because real estate expos, real estate sales meeting, home buyer seminars, home shows, even county fairs… all drum up business. We do hundreds of events: www.nachi.org/events.htm

Huh? I agree with that it drums up business but that big banner does nothing for me or my company and actually it only benefits is YOU.

Why would I market for you when you don’t market for me?

I asked someone if they heard of NACHI and they said they thought she took third in last weeks LPGA tournament.


Having just written another $30,000.00 check for the banners, I can assure you I tested them. They draw in trade show foot traffic to booths. In a trade show, as real estate agents or whomever walk by, you only get a couple seconds to attract them over to your booth. Our booths are manned by our members who then engage the consumer or real estate agent, give them their personal inspection brochure or their business card, and often land inspection work that way.

You see that banner with the astronaut on it?.. it really works.

I know, astronauts have nothing to do with inspections, bla, bla, bla. The banner really, really works. Scratch your head all you want.

Nick how many inspection has this brought a inspector? I mean really. OMG…Is that a NACHI banner! I gotta get over there! I don’t see it happening. But I guess if I spent $30K on a failure I would have to bluff people of its value as well.

Where have you tested them? In you office? The only thing I see that banner drawing in is the left over people from the star trek convention.

At the Denver real estate expo we had 4 booths, guess which one ran out of member’s literature on the first day?

I know, I know, I’ve heard it for years: why would an astronaut on Mars with earth in the background cause people to notice your booth, walk to it, ask about it, then ask about your inspection services?, bla bla, bla.

Scratch your head all you want.

How much for the Chic on the left to run my next trade show?

Speaking for myself,

I used the old banners in two realtor trade shows when Nick first got them a long time ago. I made about a dozen contacts who to this day always call me when their buyers request a home inspection. Unfortunattly the housing recession in my service area did in 1/2 of them. But I would guess at least 200 inspections and counting came out of the two trade shows.

Now to say they came over just because of the banners would be far fetched but my booth looked more professional than most and every bit of proffessional as big name outfits that where there as well.

The banners draw folks to you.

Well I am happy it worked for you. But I will promise you one thing…dinosaurs and space ships are not a part of my marketing and I will once again promise, they never will be.

OK, so please don’t blast on the open forum. Go to the members only section.

Its where the post started and Nick does not go there, sorry.

Thanks Frank. And I agree with you about Russell, he should take it over to the members-only forums.

Hi Nick

i like to get your trade show banner stand, no hurry i have 3 trade show starting in march 2012

Guy Bosse
Better Homes Inspection & maintenance
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