Our Solution for Getting Hot Water to a Distant Master Bath – FAST!

Tired of waiting to get hot water to a distant master bath? Greenspiration Home contributer, Steve Bredernitz, came up with this variation on a hot water recirculation system that got hot water to his master bath faster! Read more…


Spam 2

Please explain why you think the info from a respected associate on Professional LinkedIn can be spam?

Well this isn’t LinkedIn, and Normally when post such as this with links to their site to sell something it’s considered spam. If this is an exception I apologize.

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Looks like spam to me too



Author talks about saved money in water cost, yet fails to note the added cost to keep the circulated water hot and operation of the recirculation pump.

Spam for sure. Look at the rest of their posts.

How innovative… Did you know that domestic hot water recirculators have been around for decades?

How green of you to constantly circulate hot water through an uninsulated copper pipe creating a constant energy drain. I guess the only thing green about your company is the name??? Edit: I see that the insulation was removed for pictures. These are still very inefficient due to heat losses through the distribution piping and electrical use by the pump.

Very spammy of you.