Our Solution for Getting Hot Water to a Distant Master Bath – FAST!

Tired of waiting to get hot water to a distant master bath? Greenspiration Home contributer, Steve Bredernitz, came up with this variation on a hot water recirculation system that got hot water to his master bathroom faster! Read more…


Christopher this is not spam Trish Holder is a very respected individual on Green linkedIn members Associations. Her info has been asked to be put on OntarioAchi and I helped here get set up to post here and on our site.
This info has already been put into practice all over.

Chris is correct. Respected on not, it’s an unsolicited advertisement. Spam.

Advertisement for what?

Sorry guys I meant to say her articles are Good info but you are right if they advertising for products it can be considered SPAM!

Who knows? Who cares? She’s on my ignore list after her first couple of posts.