Our Thoughts Are With Everyone Affected By Hurricane Harvey

InterNACHI® would like to take this time to acknowledge the massive disaster that has hit and continues to threaten the Houston area, the state of Texas, and neighboring states still in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families, their immediate needs, and their future challenges. Please consider donating to your favorite charity to help the citizens of Texas.

InterNACHI® has resources on its website that may be of help to homeowners and inspectors, including the following:

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Mastering Roof Inspections: Moisture Problems
Moisture Intrusion
IR Cameras: Inspecting for Moisture Intrusion
Inspecting Manufactured Stone for Water Damage
Emergency Preparedness: How Home Inspectors Can Help Their Clients
(in Spanish)](https://www.nachi.org/emergency-inspector-help-spanish.htm)
How to Inspect for Moisture Intrusion
Flood-Damaged Buildings
(in Spanish)](https://www.nachi.org/flood-damaged-buildings-spanish.htm)

Today’s second inspection owners were former Houstonian’s with many friends and family still there… Prayers to all affected by the storm.

Best wishes to all affected by this disaster.

We have family that was affected by this horrible tragedy. For the rest of the year our company Hawkeye Inspection Services in Utah is donating 10% of every service we offer to help in the recovery and rebuilding so desperately needed in Houston and others affected by Harvey.

Where are your people?

From the field

They’ve started pumping water out of the Sam Houston Tollway south of I-10. The Sam is a major roadway for commuters. With that section being closed other roads are overwhelmed by commuters trying to get to work. Some inbound commute times were reported to be up to three hours on Tuesday. It will be a huge improvement to the region when they get it reopened.

Skip to 7:52 to see the water level

Forgot you are down that way Chuck.
Best to you and your family.
Thanks for the updates.