out buildings

How do folks handle out buildings around a home being inspected?
I.E. a utilized barn (unattached)?


Hi Tim

If it has electricity and they want it inspected I charge what ever the market will bear—usually an extra $75.00 for a small building …say…200-300 sf.

If it has kitchens, bathrooms, etc., charge by the square foot. Minimum of $199.00 for any building.

Just did a house the other day, with a large older barn. (theres a lot of them around here) I almost always disclaim it, but in this case, they “didnt need the barn inspected”

I don’t have a problem inspecting outbuilding and I get paid well for them. :slight_smile:

Do you guys consider an unattached garage an outbuilding?

Also if you aren’t inspecting it do you have a good “disclaimer” comment that you use?

If you are inspecting it, do you have a good comment about any limits to the inspection?

I was wondering the same thing. What verbiage do you use for a barn disclaimer? I just did a sort-of-attached garage. I treated it like it was attached but didn’t worry about firewalls. There weren’t any.

Thanks for the input so far.


How long can it take to inspect an outbuilding for krist sake?

Look at the intricate wood work.
Nicely painted siding and all.



I don’t know how much more of a disclaimer you would need other than:

“detached structures/buildings were not inspected and are not included in this inspection/report”.

An outbuilding is going to have a foundation, roof, electrical service to, etc. so it is not to be taken too lightly.

An out building with utilities…average $125.00.

An out building w/out utilities…average $100.00

A detached garage…no extra charges. All garages are included in my inspection pricing.

An out building w/out utilities…average $100.00

That’s a lot of money to inspect my out building above David.:mrgreen::wink:

This one had a single outlet(GFCI) and light.

No extra charge;-)

outbuilding (Small).jpg

Well, that would have cost them an extra ten bucks to inspect the
GFCI and the light bulb. :wink:

There was no garage so I gave them a deal :wink:

That works. I inspect garages also with the Home. But the outlet in the out building would be extra. :slight_smile:

In order to keep my rates low, my basic inspection price does not include even an attached garage. I always inspect an attached garage, but I charge a very small extra fee. I do a fair amount of houses below 1000 square feet with no garage, so I want to be fair to them. So when it comes to detached structures, I charge more, no exceptions. I will offer to do a free verbal inspection/report, but disclaim it in the written report.

One of the very few issues I have ever had involved a detached shop, which I did a cursory/cortesy inspection on. That was before I specificly disclaimed detached structures.

“I offered to inspect the barn for $150 and the client declined the offer”

That way your client’s inability to prove consideration (payment of the $150) supports your contention that the barn was not included.

It would also help if you marketing material (brochure and website) said “I can inspect outbuildings for a modest additional fee .”