Out of beta: Customizable Homeowner Newsletter. Use it to market your inspection biz

I like it! Any way we could import from our pre-inspection agreement? Is that too lazy on my part?

Hi Mike!

The only thing that could be imported from the inspection agreement is the email address - the newsletter is more of a post-inspection service, in order to target the issues you found during the job.

Tim even importing the emails would be cool and helpful for those that want to make a generic newsletter and not detailed for any specific client? Either way it is still awesome.


I can look into a way to do that for a future release, but as for now there are too many required fields for that to work. We’ll see what we can come up with!


Look forward to seeing if this gadget has staying power making signups worth while.

Is there a current number of subscribers that we are limited to?

Good question, and I await Tims reply, My guess is No Limit, Knowing Nick he does things in a big way, no holding back…If he does something, he goes all out.


My HI license is in my InterNACHI profile, but it’s not displayed in the newsletter which is out of compliance with the State of Louisiana requirements. Is there something that needs to be done on my end?

Just ran through the whole process and have a few comments.

  • The email for confirmation comes from “your home inspector”. Why not from my own email addr. on profile?
  • The business card attached to the confirmation email has all of Nick’s info - Why?
  • The video is misplaced. It is a video on what a home inspection is. They have already had the inspection and know what it is. Don’t need that video at the point they are getting the newsletter. Maybe a video on reading the report and comments on home maintenance and being sure to get an inspection before they put the house on the market if they ever sell the house again.

Not sure the newsletter and the system is ready for prime time. Without some changes I probably won’t sent it out. Would love to use it, but not yet.
Just my 2 cents.

I’d do that for my older ones, and enter new ones as they go, I don’t have info like age of client and kids etc… from a year ago…For recent ones I could do it by memory though. I have age of home,

What If the fields are blank? Do they get everything that goes out or nothing?

Dave Meyers: No, there is no limit to subscribers. Also, I’m not sure what you mean about license requirements for an email… Could you send me an email at tim@internachi.org with more details about what you need?

Greg Keene: I’ll have someone check into the content. The business card issue is troubling, and I haven’t noticed it. I’ll look into changing that and the “From” address.

Thanks for pointing out the problems! We’re always working to improve our systems.

Mike: If fields are left blank, they’ll still get generic articles, which we include one or two of in each mailing.