Out of gas

What is the significance of the numbers 36 & 146???

That’s easy!

5.69 to the fifth!

Tommie Tommie your just to smart for your own good. That has nothing to do with the price of my apples or the price of tea in China nice try though;-)

Do I get a set of steak knives for my effort?

Though I would prefer the Eldorado!

Ya git what the little boy shot at and missed:shock: BTW those # were in your back yard this last week end ya been living in a cave or under a rock???

Glen Garry Glen Ross

U gotta see it Charles!

Great movie about real estate salesmen.

Pacino, Kevin Spacey, Jack Lemmon, Ed harris etc…

It would not be my kind of movie I been sleeping with a Realtor for the last 45 years;-)

Glenn Gary Glen Ross is required watching for InterNACHI staff.

Does your wife know about this? :wink:

No I guess not:twisted:

No history buffs here what a shame 36 = the number of years since the last triple crown winner and 146 = the number of Belmont stake runs and the 3 year old California Chrome ran out of gas in the mile and a half track. Those California horses will do it every time:p;-)

Well as a history buff, how many California trained horses has this happened to? Say compared to Kentucky or Florida trained horses…

Charles, I’m not much of a horse racing buff, I grew up here in Bmore and have never been to the Preakness!
Maybe I’ll try it out next year just for the heck of it.

By the way I think Glen Garry would be a great date night movie for you and that realtor you’re shacked up with!:cool:

There has not been a super horse from California since Sea Biscuit

Bred? Raised? Trained?

Due to the “live cover” required by the Jockey Club, most top thoroughbreds are “from” Kentucky. Yeah there are many that are bred elsewhere but they are the anomaly when it comes to placing in any leg of the Triple Crown.

How are those Okie horses doing in any of those 3 races? Oops, they fade out after their 1/4 mile… :wink: thus the name. :mrgreen:

I once ran a quarter horse 2 miles and was ready to quit he was not he ran over the stop sign and broke my collar bone and 4 ribs. They are just like me known for quick speed no endurance:D