Outback Bowl in Tampa

I am heading to Tampa to watch my daughter dance at the 1/2 time show in the Outback Bowl. I will be there a week and will have some extra time. Is there any must see places, I get tired of the tourist traps.

Going to busch gardens and disney world two of the days that should be enough to stress me a bit. I am hoping the rest of the week to relax and enjoy the warm weather.


Sarasota has some of the best beaches in the country… about an hour south. You will be very close to St Petersburg for good seafood and shopping right on the water.

btw, Busch Gardens has free beer. try the green energy beer - the orange one is awful

Mons Venus has always been a favorite stop for me in Tampa… although that was in my younger days and definitely not suitable for some :wink:

I’m going to Tampa in January and might try to see a hockey game at the St. Pete Times Forum (if that’s what it’s still called) or whatever other events might be taking place at that venue.

Thanks I thing the green beer sounds interesting